November 16, and 17th

Saturday and Sunday
Amateurs welcome! Prizes for grill-off will be based on 100% of entry fees collected, Minus KCBS sanctioning fees.

Location: Osceola, Iowa

Team Name________________________________________________________________________

Head Cook___________________________KCBS #_________ _________How many team members?_____________


Contact Name __________________________________________Cell________________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________________

Rv size Must Be Included in booth space 40x20. Additional vehicles will be parked in a different location on grounds

designated by event staff.

Please indicate electrical needs if any: ____________________________________________________

If power is required you must bring your own 100’ #12 3-wire extension cord.

Water will be located at a central location.

Estimated arrival date/time:_____________________ Estimated departure date/time:_____________

turn in times are: Follow KCBS Rules.

We are having an Iron Skillet Cook Off $20.00 Entry Fee. SOO will be handing furnishing the meat. Heat Source and

Anything you wish to use to make a One Dish Entry.

KCBS Entry Fee $200.00 _______

Iron Skillet Fee $ 20.00_______

Send Reg. & Fees to: SOO, 422 N. Central, Lacona, IA 50139